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 Word on Our Street to be exact, The New Street.

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Are you Saving Too Much Money?

No, this is not a trick question! Proper wealth building and sustainability is not simply about how much money you make and how much...

Why I'm long on Nike stock

Yahoo Sports recently published an article eluding to the fact that Nike's 30th anniversary #JustDoIt campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick...

WILL You? Or Won’t You?

Over the last week, we’ve all been mourning the loss of an American Icon, the Queen of Soul, the legend herself, The ARETHA FRANKLIN. She...

Should you really care about dividends?

I grew up thinking dividends were lit! Seriouy though, no one my parents age ever mentioned investing without mentioning dividends. So...

Investment Tools and Tips for Millennials

Some of the most common questions I receive these days from my friends : How can I invest my money? What should I invest in? Where should...

Why I'm short on Bitcoin this year

I'm not typically a contrarian, but there can't be anything more disturbing than the savagery I've seen this year over Bitcoin. I've...

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